5 Easy Ways to Earn More Tips with Uber

In the service industry, tipping has always been commonplace regardless of if you’re transporting passengers with Uber or serving them their next meal through Uber Eats. Tipping does have slightly different rules that govern the practice, this will depend on the culture and domain. Ridesharing through Uber is no different and not an exception to the rule. It’s worth noting that tipping with Uber is slightly different to the hospitality sector.

The Uber rider app has offered passengers a tipping feature for years. This feature can be accessed using the Uber app on your smartphone. However, there are a number of drivers out there who have not yet taken full advantage of this functionality. As an aside if you’re thinking about becoming an Uber driver, check out our comprehensive guide. This covers topics such as how to sign up to Uber, driver and vehicle requirements as well as how to get Uber taxi insurance.

Tipping with Uber in the digital age

In the digital age, earning tips through Uber is not that straightforward. Although the actual process of tipping is far easier, as it can be done just by tapping lightly in the relevant box on a smartphone, it isn’t that easy. This is because tapping the right button requires a far more calculated decision rather than simply refusing loose change after having previously paid by cash. For this reason, Uber drivers will need to make an extra effort to ensure customers leave tips as naturally as they would in years past.

Below, we have highlighted five easy ways to help you earn more tips through Uber:

1. Ask your passengers which route to take

This is a small gesture but can make a world of a difference, both to your Uber rating and your wallet. Customers will often want the quickest route to their next destination. This is where it’s hard to beat the combination of GPS and an experienced driver behind the wheel. Riders will totally appreciate this gesture; it shows that you care.

Furthermore, you will be doing yourself a huge service if you get things right from the offset. No one wants to get into a taxi where the driver does not know how to get to the point of interest. You do not want to be taking wrong turns every five minutes.

2. Cater to your passengers sweet tooth

They say the best way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. It’s highly likely that your passengers may be stressed or in a hurry. Also, it should not come as a surprise that your weekend customers fall into one or both of these categories, often at the same time.

Customers who use Uber during unsociable hours during the night will really appreciate a small snack for their own reasons. Consider the fact that something sweet like chocolate has never ruined anyone’s day. It only improves things. Is there ever a wrong time for a quick treat? Before your next shift, stock up on a bunch of chocolates and snacks and see the impact it has on your passengers.

3. Keep your car clean at all times

Keeping your car clean at all times is a relatively straightforward idea, but you will be surprised at the amount of Uber drivers that forget to put in a little extra work before, during and after their day. Cleanliness can easily be overlooked, especially if you are really busy and haven’t got the time to pay attention to how your car looks on the inside and outside. Fortunately, this idea can be used to your benefit and help you stand out from other private hire taxi drivers if you ensure your car remains clean and tidy.

For many Uber drivers, it may be easier to tidy their car when needed as opposed to committing to a rigid schedule. Most of the time, vacuuming your taxi each weekend will be enough. Although, some spot cleaning throughout the week may also be required, especially if you have been busy non-stop. When you’re taking a break, always check the back seat and floor, as these are the areas that will require the most attention.

Pro tip: Purchase a small cordless vacuum cleaner and always keep some wet wipes on hand. Your taxi will sparkle, and your customers will certainly appreciate it.

4. Music at the right level

Almost everyone loves music and it can be a powerful tool that can work in your favour, or against you if not used in the appropriate way. Moderation is the key word to think about when music is involved during work. When you are picking up and dropping off riders (customers), lower the volume. If you do decide to turn the volume up, make sure it is at a comfortable level for your paying customers. As a general rule, if either the driver or passenger has to raise his/her voice to be heard, it is clearly too loud.

When we mention moderation, we are also referring to the genre of music too, and not just the volume. Most customers won’t mind instrumental music or even something upbeat. However, steer clear of offensive and outspoken lyrics. You don’t have to be able to read your client’s mind either. It is okay to ask them if they like the music that is currently playing and are happy with the volume.

5. Keep your eye on the temperature

Car temperature is another aspect that can easily be overlooked by Uber drivers. This is often done for one simple reason: you become comfortable in your own car. Although riders will most likely be dressed for the temperature outside and may experience a sudden change for this specific reason. During the autumn and winter months, your customers will normally be dressed warm, so you should keep your thermostat a few degrees higher than the outside temperature.

This also applies if it is hot and humid outside – set the air conditioning just a few degrees cooler on a low speed continuous fan. If you are still unsure, do not hesitate to ask your clients what temperature they would prefer, although most will be content with the moderate settings we have mentioned.

Hopefully by following these five easy tips you are able to earn some extra money through tips as an Uber driver. The key takeaway is to provide exceptional customer service that delights your passengers day and night. Doing so will make them more inclined to leave you a tip upon completion of the journey. Also, never ask for a tip as this may be considered to be rude and could result in a lower rating.