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Essential Vehicle Checks for Uber Drivers

As an Uber driver, your taxi will likely be one of your most prized assets. For this reason, many drivers will be looking for the best Uber insurance to provide adequate protection. Furthermore, keeping your vehicle in excellent condition will be of utmost importance in enabling you to carry out your duties.

Keep your taxi clean at all times

Ensure that your taxi is cleaned on both the inside and outside on a regular basis. No one wants to travel in a dirty car. Each time a passenger exits your vehicle, quickly check to see if any rubbish has been left behind before the next passenger enters the car. A small bin bag in the front of your car can be useful in cleaning away any small bits of rubbish. Access to cleaning supplies are definitely worth keeping on hand. Popular examples include window cleaner, air freshener or even a small portable hoover that can be plugged into your taxi. Both you and the passenger will want to be able to easily see outside the window, so make sure these are also cleaned.

Only talk to passengers if they want conversation

Not every passenger wants to have a conversation with you. If they feel uncomfortable and are giving you one-word answers, this should be taken as a hint that they do not want to talk right now. The passenger may have had a long day, may have other things on his/her mind or simply doesn’t want to engage in a conversation. However, if they do start chatting away, remember to keep the conversation light. Do not give them the A to Z of your whole life story. You could ask questions about how their day is going and only carry on the conversation if they seem engaged.

Your cooling system needs your attention

Look after your wheel bearings

Many cars provide the owner with a notification once the vehicle is ready for its annual servicing, newer cars will usually require servicing every two years. Once you do receive this notification, you should inspect and clean the wheel bearings too. Wheel bearings and grease are relatively inexpensive when compared to needing a hub replacement or having your hubcaps roll away.

Use a good amount of grease