Essential Vehicle Checks for Uber Drivers

As an Uber driver, your taxi will likely be one of your most prized assets. For this reason, many drivers will be looking for the best Uber insurance to provide adequate protection. Furthermore, keeping your vehicle in excellent condition will be of utmost importance in enabling you to carry out your duties.

Some Uber drivers can often lose sight of simple things such as car maintenance – it isn’t just about keeping your car clean, or which Uber insurance provider you’re with. Repairs and maintenance checks must be given significant attention to ensure your taxi is running smoothly, meaning more time on the road working and less time sitting idly in a garage undergoing a repair job. A vehicle in tip top condition will also help you improve your Uber driver rating.

Below we have listed five essential vehicle checks that Uber drivers must not forget.

Check your oil and fluids

Checking your taxi’s oil and fluids should be done every other day. It won’t come as a surprise that using your vehicle for long periods of time each day will deplete your oil and screen wash at a much faster rate compared to the average driver. After all, you will be covering tens of thousands of additional miles each year. By keeping an eye on oil and other fluid levels on a regular basis, you will quickly be able to identify any leaks before they occur and cause any serious damage to your car and your wallet.

You can reduce the chances of engine failure by conducting regular oil and filter changes. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself, your nearest garage can help you with this for a small fee. As an aside, this will also help you remain in the terms of your Uber driver insurance too. If you are purchasing engine oil, make sure that it is manufactured for safe use with your car, as different vehicles use different types. Also, don’t forget to replace your brake fluid when needed.

Keep your taxi clean at all times

Ensure that your taxi is cleaned on both the inside and outside on a regular basis. No one wants to travel in a dirty car. Each time a passenger exits your vehicle, quickly check to see if any rubbish has been left behind before the next passenger enters the car. A small bin bag in the front of your car can be useful in cleaning away any small bits of rubbish. Access to cleaning supplies are definitely worth keeping on hand. Popular examples include window cleaner, air freshener or even a small portable hoover that can be plugged into your taxi. Both you and the passenger will want to be able to easily see outside the window, so make sure these are also cleaned.

Only talk to passengers if they want conversation

Not every passenger wants to have a conversation with you. If they feel uncomfortable and are giving you one-word answers, this should be taken as a hint that they do not want to talk right now. The passenger may have had a long day, may have other things on his/her mind or simply doesn’t want to engage in a conversation. However, if they do start chatting away, remember to keep the conversation light. Do not give them the A to Z of your whole life story. You could ask questions about how their day is going and only carry on the conversation if they seem engaged.

Your cooling system needs your attention

At least once per year, you should give thought to flushing your cooling system. A good mixture combination would be made up to 50% for coolant and 50% distilled water. This will help you ensure your cooling system is in optimal condition. If you want to make sure your vehicle remains healthy, don’t forget to undertake this task. Again, a garage can help with this if you’re unsure. Setting an annual reminder on your phone is also a good way to remember this task.

Wash your Uber taxi regularly

One of the quickest and easiest ways to have your car looking in tip top condition is to wash it thoroughly on a regular basis, this is both on the inside and outside. You can maintain your vehicle’s paint work by using a high quality car soap and wax product. This all helps to prevent rusting and erosion of the car’s body. Additionally, your car’s presentation will vastly improve as it will become shiny looking in the process. Over time, car wash machines may add small scratches to your taxi’s paintwork, for this reason we recommend using your own jet wash as it is much safer. A jet wash is a relatively inexpensive purchase and will be useful in the years to come. Your Uber taxi will sparkle and will be a sight to behold.

Look after your wheel bearings

Many cars provide the owner with a notification once the vehicle is ready for its annual servicing, newer cars will usually require servicing every two years. Once you do receive this notification, you should inspect and clean the wheel bearings too. Wheel bearings and grease are relatively inexpensive when compared to needing a hub replacement or having your hubcaps roll away.

Use a good amount of grease

To survive the day to day rigors of use, any car needs a lot of grease, this is especially true for Uber taxis. Each part of the metal on metal mechanics in your vehicle will ensure that there is less wear and tear taking place.

By adhering to all of the above maintenance tips, you will help your car pass its MOT with flying colours. This means more time behind the wheel undertaking your profession and less time waiting for a repair, costing you even more as you will be restricted from working.

A car is a valuable asset, and as an Uber taxi driver it is your livelihood. For this reason, it is essential that you take really good care of your prized possession. As your job depends on it you will need to impress passengers with a well maintained and clean taxi to ensure those five-star ratings continue for the foreseeable future. MOTs and servicing are great but putting in a little extra effort goes a long way. Your customers will certainly appreciate it, ultimately making your life easier.