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What Insurance Do You Need To Deliver Food?

The exponential rise of hot food delivery lies in its convenience, both for those who order and those who deliver it. For those on the receiving side, apps such as Deliveroo, Just Eat, and Uber Eats have made ordering from their favourite restaurant as simple as an Alexa command. This is partially the reason why hot food delivery has a projected market value of £12.6 billion by 2024.

Need Food Delivery Insurance?

Pay As You Go Food Delivery Insurance

It’s possible to get pay as you go or top-up delivery insurance if you are only working part-time for the likes of Just Eat. It allows you to pay for insurance whenever you need it, as opposed to paying a standard monthly sum for hire and reward insurance.

Before taking out pay as you go food delivery insurance, it’s important to consult and seek approval from your social, domestic, & pleasure (SD&P) insurance provider. Top-up delivery insurance works as an extension of your regular SD&P insurance policy. If you do not notify your provider, your top-up insurance may be rendered invalid.

Regular Car Insurance Cannot Be Used

Comparing Food Delivery Insurance with Utility Saving Expert

You can get quotes, compare food delivery insurance policies, and speak directly to insurance policy brokers by using the Utility Saving Expert quick quote tool. Use it to find an ideal fast food delivery insurance deal that covers hire and reward, public liability, product liability, and personal injury today.

Final Thoughts

If you are self-employed and deliver food, you need to have adequate insurance to safeguard you against the hazards of the road. Even if you are employed by a restaurant to deliver food, you must check how much food delivery driver insurance they provide and take out a premium to cover anything that may be missing.

Use Utility Saving Expert to find the best-priced and most beneficial specialist food delivery insurance.

Need Fast-food Delivery Insurance?


Is food delivery insurance a legal requirement in the UK?

Hire and reward insurance is a legal requirement for all food delivery drivers. It is not enough to use your SD&P to cover you when delivering food in exchange for cash. Although your regular car insurance may cover business use, it is highly unlikely to cover fast food delivery.

Why does food delivery insurance cost more than a standard policy?

Delivery driver insurance tends to be higher than regular car insurance due to several reasons that make them more risk-prone. These include:

  • A delivery driver is likely to spend far more time on the road and in busy, city-centre districts than the average driver.
  • Fast food generally needs to be delivered quickly, which increases the likelihood of a delivery driver speeding to reach a destination.
  • The working conditions of a delivery driver are often unpredictable. The reason people order takeaway food is that the weather is too harsh to venture outside. This leaves the delivery driver to drive through wind, snow, and other difficult conditions that can increase the chances of an accident.
  • Delivery car insurance tends to be higher because delivery driving tends to be a second job for many people. This increases the chances of the individual experiencing job fatigue, which could affect their driving.

What is the average price of food delivery driver insurance in the UK?

Like most commercial vehicle insurance premiums, food delivery driver insurance typically costs over £700 annually. Depending on factors such as your car, age, and other factors, this price can exceed £1,300.