12 of the Best apps for Private Hire Taxi Drivers

Okay, so you have put in all the necessary work to obtain your new license, you’ve got the best private hire insurance policy in place and you are ready to start picking up your first passenger. However, there is something that you may have overlooked that could make life as a private hire driver far easier and far more productive, and that is apps. Technology has improved our lives by magnitudes, this is why we have created this list of the best apps for private hire drivers.

Google Maps

Being able to see where you are and where you are headed is one of the most useful things to know as a private hire driver. This is why mapping apps such as Google Maps or Apple Maps are invaluable as they can show you exactly where you need to go. Better yet, these mapping apps are free to use, which is remarkable when you consider how much functionality they offer taxi drivers.

Using Google Maps (or Apple Maps) will ensure you never take a wrong turn again. The built-in voice instructions make it easier to navigate any busy town or city. On top of this, they are automatically updated for reliability, and are easy to use, especially if you want to learn how to become a private hire driver.

Fuel Genie

Fuel Genie is ideal if you end up in an area you’re unfamiliar with and are running low on fuel. This helpful app can help you locate the nearest petrol station that accepts your Fuel Genie card helping you stay on the road for longer periods without running on empty.

Petrol Prices

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that private hire drivers cover tens of thousands of miles each year. As a result, they will be consuming a lot of fuel and this can be costly. Petrol Prices does exactly what the name suggests, it allows you to compare fuel prices in your area. This will in turn help you get a better deal. After all, the more you are able to save on fuel as a taxi driver, the more profitable you will be in the years ahead.

Around Me

This is another helpful app for when you are driving in an area that you’re not quite familiar with. Around Me will help you locate the nearest cash machine, petrol station, restaurant and much more. This isn’t just beneficial for you either, as your passengers will require some of these services from time to time and they will certainly appreciate you going the extra mile for them.

Indrix XD Traffic

Indrix XD Traffic will help you stay up to date with traffic alerts and help you find an alternative route to get you to your destination in a shorter span of time. This app has also been recommended by Autotrader for its accuracy and usefulness. The application will alert you to most of the major traffic problems, ultimately allowing you to better plan your routes to avoid congestion. After all, less time waiting in a traffic jam allows you to pick up more work as a private hire driver.


Now this may seem very simple, but the calculator app on your iPhone or Android smartphone is invaluable. Calculators have helped taxi drivers for decades to calculate fares. This app can come in handy if you have more than one drop-off point on your journey, and several people are contributing to the fare. The calculator app will help you figure out the maths in no time and allow you to quickly see how the money should be split. It will also help you greatly when you’re trying to add up the expenses you can declare as a private hire taxi driver.

Calendar app

Private hire drivers fully understand that no day is the same. This is why the calendar app on your smartphone can help you stay organised for the days, weeks and months ahead. You can use this app to make a note of any bookings you may have. For example, airport or executive drop offs that must not be missed whatsoever. The calendar app can alert you one day ahead of time to help you ensure you are where you need to be at any given moment.

Weather app

Another very simple idea. By seeing the weather forecast ahead of time, you can to an extent predict how busy you may be on any given day. For example, passengers are more likely to use your taxi service if there is a lot of rain or wind compared to a warm sunny day.

Music streaming apps

Spotify, Apple Music or Amazon Music will allow you to stream more than 50 million songs for a small monthly fee. This is a great way for you to discover new music when you’re out on the road or simply want to keep your passengers entertained by allowing them to choose the next song. Alternatively, if music isn’t your thing, you could always listen to audiobooks or podcasts.


This is the best app for drivers that don’t already have a dash cam. If you are involved in a breakdown, the app has an SOS feature that will alert your breakdown and insurance provider immediately. The app is relatively straightforward and offers a number of useful features to improve safety for both you and your passengers. You may also be wondering if dash cams are worth the expense for private hire drivers.


Do you transport a lot of passengers back and forth from UK airports? If this is the case, this app will certainly prove its usefulness for those airport runs. It allows you to track any flight into and out of the country, allowing you to plan and be ready before your next passenger is due to arrive.

Social media apps

We have included social media apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on this list as they can be used as marketing tools to help you attract more customers. Millions of people across the UK use these platforms throughout the day, so you will want to be where your future customers are.

To conclude, mobile apps can significantly enhance your experience as a private hire driver. They offer great functionality and a plethora of features to make life easier for you and your passengers. If you’ve got a smartphone, head to the App Store and start downloading the apps from the above list. Most of these are free of charge but some you will have to pay for.