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6 Ways to Pick Up More Work as a Private Hire Driver

Competition in the taxi industry is fierce, private hire drivers will know this all too well. Nevertheless, most of this added competition for customers will come down to the location you are operating in. The town or city you choose to work in can make a significant difference to how busy you are likely to be in the years ahead.

With this in mind, you should still do everything within your power to differentiate yourself from other drivers. Our guide on six ways to pick up more work as a private hire driver will help you secure more business. Let’s get started.

Consider working for Uber

Market yourself better than other drivers

Another way to pick up extra work as a private hire driver is to familiarise yourself with online marketing. There are a large number of platforms for you to choose from to attract more customers. Using social media tools and having your own professionally designed website are two of the most popular choices.

You have to remember that a lot of your future passengers spend a lengthy amount of time online and they are always looking for convenience. You could benefit from offering services such as an online booking system for your business. Search engine optimisation is another big area to help you better target niche markets. This essentially means your web pages will appear towards the top of Google and Bing when a user enters a search query.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are three of the most popular social networks in the world, so you should definitely register and make use of these. Each one is better suited for specific types of marketing. For example, Twitter is suitable for short form updates, whereas Instagram heavily favours photo and video content. Perhaps if you’re making use of Uber destinations in London, you could always snap a quick photo of any popular landmarks and places of interest to post online.

Look for a niche market opportunity

Partner up with a taxi firm

If you’ve been working as an individual for several years now, it may be worth considering a business partnership with a reputable taxi firm. This can benefit both you and the company that you come to a contractual agreement with. The firm will be able to offer you extra work for a small percentage of the profits.

This keeps you productive and allows the company to remain a reliable private hire taxi company within the community. Additionally, you could even work together on a robust marketing campaign.

Offer food delivery