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Dash Cams: Worth the Expense for Private Hire Drivers?

Many great drivers who cover tens of thousands of miles every year will be abiding by the highway code. By doing so, they do not expect to be involved in an accident as they are following all the rules set out. However, if you are a private hire driver, you may still be involved in a collision. Each year thousands of motorists are involved in these incidents across the UK.

Evidence of the accident/incident

In the event that an accident/incident takes place, it isn’t uncommon to find that each party will see a different side to the story. This is because it is human nature to avoid being in the wrong, even if some drivers falsify the events of the story to clear their name when making a statement to the authorities.

This makes it imperative that all private hire drivers, or any motorist for that matter, always remain honest. If the above does happen, an installed dash cam can prove to the authorities and the insurance firm who was in the right and who was in the wrong with video footage.


Some dash cams have extra capabilities whereby they are able to keep recording video even whilst the car is parked. This feature is often referred to as ‘parking mode’. This is especially handy in the event that a criminal attempts to break into your vehicle, or another car causes accidental damage to your private hire taxi. You will have the necessary video evidence to hand over to the police and the insurance company.

On top of this, you will also be able to capture video footage of distracted or inexperienced drivers that you see roaming the streets and causing problems. This footage can then be handed over to the local authorities for them to deal with this irresponsible behaviour, keeping the roads safer for you, your passengers and any other road users. This should result in fewer accidents taking place and bad drivers being apprehended.

Audio recording

What does the law say about dash cams?

In the UK, businesses are legally allowed to use dash cams. However, they must follow strict privacy rules. Dash cams, CCTV or any other surveillance system for that matter will record personal data. Did you know that number plates of privately-owned vehicles are also considered to be personal data? This is because these can be used to identify an individual.

How can taxi drivers using dash cams comply with the law?