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Food Delivery Insurance Guide

Why do you need Food Delivery Insurance?

Over the last 10 years, the food delivery industry has become a lucrative business. As the pandemic-induced stay-at-home mentality seems set to stay, more and more of us are considering a career in the fast-food delivery sector.

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What is food delivery insurance in the UK?

Food delivery insurance in the UK is a subcategory of a larger insurance policy type known as “Hire and Reward” insurance.

In particular, it covers a fast-food delivery driver/courier for the transportation of food between a restaurant and the customer’s door.

Crucially, your standard car insurance policy won’t cover you for the use of other vehicles, including motor and pedal bikes, to deliver food. Nor will it cover the loss, damage, or theft of the goods you transport.

Thus to cover the majority of eventualities, insurance for food delivery is a must if you’re planning to start a career in the industry, and in the UK, domestic hot food delivery insurance policies can be broken into 3 types of plans:

  • Hire and Reward insurance (for couriers).
  • Public Liability and product insurance.
  • Pay As You Go insurance for food delivery.

We’ll discuss these plans in finer detail in the next section, below.

What kind of insurance do I need for a job as a delivery driver?

Hire and reward (courier insurance)

Hire and Reward insurance covers a vehicle used in a service that results in a reward for its driver. Essentially it is commercial business insurance for a professional driver, and as such, couriers, delivery drivers, taxi drivers (and more) qualify for this type of insurance plan.

Now, it’s important to note that hire and reward insurance is a legal requirement for those who wish to utilise a vehicle to transport goods.

Public liability and product insurance

Public Liability insurance covers the insured party if bodily injury or damage to (third party) public property occurs during the course of your takeaway delivery.

In that event, it covers compensatory costs for any damage you are held accountable for and provides financial support should you require legal aid for the duration of an appeal.

Pay as you go food delivery insurance

Pay As You Go food delivery insurance has been welcomed as a breath of fresh air amongst the ever-growing food delivery community following its introduction in the UK in 2013.

In layman’s terms, Pay As You Go provides cover for a delivery courier on a monthly, weekly or even hourly basis.

How much does food delivery insurance cost?

The price of insurance for food delivery varies depending on numerous factors; it’s subjective to personal circumstances, the type of vehicle you drive, your location, your driving history, the insurance company and many more contributing factors.

Unfortunately, therefore, it’s difficult to put a definitive number on how much your insurance will cost without conducting the necessary research.

Happily, the Utility Saving Expert Fast Food Delivery Insurance Quote Comparison Tool can compare insurance plans fast, making the process of finding the ideal cover for your new career quick and easy.

One thing that is certain is that insurance to deliver food will cost you more than your standard car insurance policy. This is because the nature of the job makes you a more risky investment for insurance companies.

For example, the companies will take into account that you’ll often be:

  • Driving at night.
  • Travelling faster than usual (to deliver food before it cools).
  • Travelling around urban areas more regularly, which contain more parked cars and hidden risks.
How do I switch to food delivery insurance?

Insurance for food delivery doesn’t require one to forgo their current vehicle insurance policy and “switch”.

Rather, it represents an “add on” to your standard insurance policy and is required to enable you to transport and deliver goods on top of performing all your usual activities in your own car, bike or other vehicles.

As such, to acquire insurance for delivering food, you should shop around to identify the right cover plan for you.

Crucially, the nature of the right plan for you can also be determined by the delivery service you work for. Thus, to help you identify the best insurance provider for the 3 main food delivering services in the UK, you’ll find links to specific Utility Saving Expert quote tools below:

  • Uber Eats<
  • Just Eat
What happens if I don’t get food delivery insurance?

If you don’t get courier insurance cover for your new job as a food delivery driver, you won’t qualify for employment as a courier.

Companies such as Just Eat, Deliveroo and Uber Eats have several circumstantial requirements that each and every food delivery courier must meet. This includes having the appropriate insurance.

Moreover, from a personal perspective, it pays to have the correct insurance in place.

Do I need insurance if I ride a bike?

If you ride a moped or motorbike, you absolutely need insurance cover; however, the intricacies of the insurance plan are vehicle-specific, so makes sure you acquire the correct insurance for your mode of transport.

If you ride a pedal bicycle, you don’t need to purchase insurance legally, but it is highly recommended that you do it for your own benefit.

Insurance plans such as a Cycling Liability Policy and/or Standard Cycling Insurance can help cyclists cover damage to other’s and their own property, along with loss and theft.