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8 Reasons To Become a Private Hire Taxi Driver

Becoming a private hire taxi driver offers ample opportunity to make a good living, meet people from all backgrounds and flexible working. It places you in the driving seat of your own career – in the most literal sense of the term too. Here are eight reasons why you should become a private hire driver.

Flexible working hours

Work for yourself

The idea of being your own boss will appeal to a lot of people. For this you’ll need to set up as a sole trader. Being self-employed means, you choose what hours you want to work, you keep all the profits, and you will not have a manager telling you what you can and can’t do. Most professionals in this sector prefer to operate this way.

Yet, you must also take into account that as a self-employed individual, you will no longer receive holiday pay, sick pay or pension contributions. These must be budgeted for separately. It’s highly recommended that you get a good specialist taxi insurance policy too. After all, you want to protect yourself and your vehicle.

Making a good living

Variety and interest

Each day is different for a private hire taxi driver. You won’t be confined to an office cubicle staring in the same direction for eight hours each day. You will be out on the road meeting new people from all different backgrounds. You may be at the hospital in the morning, the airport in the afternoon and a music concert during the evening. Who knows what places you’ll discover and who you’ll meet in the process.

Meeting new people

If you enjoy meeting new people, this career option certainly gives you this opportunity in abundance. Most of your customers will be happy to converse with you, you can ask about their day and go from there. This can also help you learn about people from all walks of life. You may even meet a famous person every now and then.

There is a flip side to this though. You will need to remain calm and patient at all times, especially in tense situations when dealing with drunk or rude customers. Remaining cool will help you in these high-pressure scenarios.

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