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Low-cost coach fleet insurance for your business

If your business requires a fleet of coaches then an insurance policy that covers the whole fleet is a necessary step to ensure your business can continue to run in case of unforeseen circumstances.

In this article, we’ll discuss what insurance coverage for your fleet is and how it works, the types of insurance available, and various extras you can include to customise your deal so it suits your specific needs.

How does coach fleet insurance work?

What does coach fleet insurance cover?

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Types of coach fleet insurance

There are three levels of cover available for coaches:

Third-party only

Third-party coach insurance will is the minimum amount of insurance cover required by law.

It covers liability for injury to the driver and passengers and damage to third-party property as well as a liability while towing a trailer or caravan.

Effectively, it covers the driver or passengers of the vehicle but does not cover you if the vehicle is stolen.

Third-party, fire, and theft

This option covers all the same events at standard third-party insurance but also protects you if your vehicle is stolen or damaged by fire.

Fully comprehensive cover

The most extensive insurance choice, fully comprehensive covers all of the above as well as personal effects inside the vehicle, medical expenses, windscreen cover, and accidental damage.

What extras can I add to my coach fleet insurance policy?

While the above options are the basic packages for commercial vehicle fleet insurance, there is a range of extras you can add to your plan to give you the most suitable cover for your trading style.

European cover

If your drivers need to travel to the continent regularly then European cover will extend the terms of your policy to ensure they are covered while in Europe.

Employers’ liability

Employers’ liability is a legal requirement for businesses in the UK that have employees.

It covers the employer against compensation costs if an employee is injured or suffers from a work-related illness. Failure to acquire this form of cover for your business can result in large fines.

Public liability

Similar in effect to employers’ liability, public liability covers any compensation and legal fees you might incur from members of the public if they pursue you for property damage or suffer an injury because of your work.

Breakdown cover

Breakdown cover is a yearly payment made either to your insurance provider or to a breakdown service that will cover the cost of repairing your vehicles if they break down.

Like all fleet insurance, your breakdown cover is not restricted to one kind of vehicle in your fleet.

Certain policies will place limits on the number of call-outs they will answer in a given period.

Windscreen cover

The third-party cover does not include replacing cracked and broken windscreens and windows but most comprehensive plans doo.

If your standard plan doesn’t include a windscreen cover, it is advisable to get it, especially if your vehicles travel frequently. Broken glass in a vehicle is something that requires immediate cover.

Self-drive hire insurance

This option is necessary if your business operates by loaning vehicles out to members of the public and will cover you in the event of damage to the vehicle while in their care.

It can be purchased as either third party only, third party fire and theft, or comprehensive.

Any use cover

Any use, also known as ‘any driver’ cover, covers any and all drivers when behind the wheel of your car with your permission.

This a flexible insurance option that might be beneficial if you are running a family business which would cover any staff member who perhaps is only briefly stepping in to help with the business temporarily.

If this is the case, arranging separate policies can be time-consuming and inefficient so any use is a sensible alternative.

The benefits of Coach fleet insurance

There are many benefits of blanket insurance policies for your fleet of vehicles.

Saves money

Consider coach fleet insurance like bulk buying, where the larger the purchase the lower the price. So, when covering a host of vehicles, brokers will offer you a competitive deal and you’ll save handsomely on the premium price of simply covering one or two vehicles at a time.


As your fleet grows you can adjust and expand your policy in order to cover it. You can also ‘bolt-on’ a variety of extra covers to ensure you are getting the right cover for your business you need to.

Convenient and saves you time

With all your vehicles included under one simple policy, you will save a massive amount of time compared to if you had to insure them all separately, as well as saving you money.

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How much does coach fleet insurance cost?

Though it works out cheaper than individual insurance, there are lots of variables that will affect your premium, including the number and types of vehicles, the nature of your business, and the age of your drivers.

How can I lower the costs of my coach fleet insurance policy?

You can lower costs by choosing energy-efficient vehicles, carrying out regular vehicle maintenance, employing drivers over the age of 25 with clean driving licenses and asking them to pay for their own excess.

Can I add different types of vehicles to my coach fleet insurance policy?

Absolutely. This kind of cover is built with companies with a variety of different vehicles in their fleet in mind and is therefore not restricted to one vehicle type.