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Why compare family fleet car insurance cover?

Fleet insurance is a way of insuring multiple vehicles under a single policy. Many people think that fleet insurance is only available for commercial businesses, so it may surprise you to find out that fleet insurance is also an option for families who own multiple vehicles.

Family fleet insurance is always something to consider if you're looking to save money on your insurance whilst still receiving comprehensive cover.

Read on to find out exactly what family fleet insurance policies include, what levels of cover are available, and whether or not fleet insurance is the best option for you.

What does a fleet family policy include?

A family fleet insurance policy can provide coverage across as many vehicles as you own. Each vehicle under the policy will be separately covered according to the level of insurance that you assign it. You can find out more about the levels of cover in the next section.

A family fleet motor insurance policy is usually available to any household that owns two or more vehicles. This makes them a fantastic option for anyone who wants to save themselves the headache of searching for separate insurance plans for each vehicle.

Additionally, a family fleet insurance policy often works out cheaper than taking out individual policies. This isn't always the case though, so it's definitely worth doing thorough research before you commit either way.

What are the three levels of cover?

Third party only

Third-party only is typically the most affordable level of cover and also the minimum coverage that is legally required. It provides protection and cover if you injure a person or damage their car, but won't payout if you cause damage to your own car or receive injuries from an accident that was your fault.

Third party, fire and theft

This level of cover provides the same protection as 'Third-party only', but you also receive extra coverage in the case that your car is stolen or damaged in a fire. Again, this level does not cover damages that you cause to yourself or your car in an accident.


Comprehensive cover offers the widest level of protection and is typically the most expensive. This covers damage to your own car, even if the accident was your fault. In addition, you'll be covered for any injuries you or others sustain from the accident.

Many comprehensive cover premiums will include courtesy car provision and breakdown cover, but this isn't always the case.

The benefits of having a fleet insurance policy

Save your time

Anyone who's had to insure a vehicle in the past will know that the process can be extremely time-consuming. You have to do loads of research to find the best deal and spend hours on the phone with insurance providers to secure the cover.

One of the biggest benefits of taking out a family fleet policy is that you can get all your family vehicles covered in one go. This is bound to save you tonnes of time and a lot of stress in the process.

Save your money

Separately insuring multiple cars for different drivers and family members can be expensive. In many cases, taking a multi-car approach to vehicle insurance results in a cheaper premium. Of course, this is a huge benefit and is probably the biggest reason that customers are interested in pursuing fleet insurance in the first place.

The more vehicles you have, the more money you are likely to save when compared to taking out individual policies. The best part is that you won't be making any sacrifices - you can choose an individual cover level for each vehicle and you'll still be receiving the same level of protection as you would otherwise.

Having said that, even if you only own a couple of vehicles, fleet car insurance is still worth looking into. The vehicles don't all have to be cars either - you can insure horse boxes, motorbikes, and most other vehicles under the same fleet policy.

Always know where you're up to

When you've got multiple car insurance policies on the go, it can be practically impossible to know where you're up to. It gets even more confusing when you've got multiple drivers in your household who all want to drive different vehicles.

With a fleet insurance family policy, you always know where you're up to. All your vehicles are covered for the same amount of time, and they will all share one renewal date. This experience is endlessly more enjoyable than the horrors of managing multiple car insurance policies.

Keep your no-claims

Even though a fleet policy doesn't typically offer a no-claims bonus when you sign up, the no-claims status of your vehicles will not be affected. Even if one of your vehicles is involved in an accident under a fleet policy, the no-claims record of the other cars will not be impacted.

This is the case since each vehicle in the fleet has its own separate level of cover attached to it. Consequently, this makes a fleet policy very flexible - you can insure one of your cars with comprehensive cover and one with third-party only, for example.

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Yes. Fleet car insurance is a policy that covers multiple vehicles under one premium. This kind of policy is suitable for commercial businesses with a large number of vehicles, but also for families who own at least two vehicles.

Taking out a fleet plan is an alternative to traditional car insurance, where a family would have to secure separate policies for each car they owned.

In a lot of cases, family multi-car insurance actually works out at better value than taking out individual cover for each car. This gets more likely to happen as you include more cars on the policy.

Additions vary between insurance providers, but typically you can expect to be able to add additions to your cover. A common example that can be added is breakdown coverage.

The answer to this question varies from case to case. The best thing we can recommend is that you get quotes for a fleet plan and standard insurance premiums, and see for yourself which works out cheaper.