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Low-cost HGV truck fleet insurance

If you own or operate a freight or haulage company, it is important to ensure the safety of your heavy goods vehicles, as they’re imperative to the profitability and success of your company.

Asides from being a legal requirement in the UK, quality HGV fleet insurance can make all the difference to protecting your business, as well as your employees and goods in transit.

How Does HGV Fleet Insurance Work?

How Many Vehicles Can I Have on an HGV Fleet Insurance Policy?

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What Are the Different Types of HGV Fleet Insurance?

Like generic cover for vans, cars and other vehicles, fleet HGV insurance boasts different levels of cover, all of which we have listed below:

Third-party only

This is the lightest type of insurance and covers others in the event of damage or injury but doesn’t pay costs to repair damages to your own vehicles. This type of cover is the lowest form required in the UK by law.

Third-party, fire, and theft

This cover includes TPO, whilst also promising to pay out if your trucks or haulage vehicles are damaged in a fire or stolen.


This is the most all-inclusive type of policy and the one that boasts everything TPFT offers, whilst also insuring your vehicle in the event of an accident, even if it’s your fault.

What Extras Can I Add to My HGV Fleet Insurance Policy?

When looking into different options for truck insurance, you must tailor the policy to the requirements of your company and the needs of your drivers.

Employers’ liability

If you manage employees, you are legally required to have this. If a member of staff is to become injured or unwell through work, the costs of this will be covered by the employer’s liability insurance.

Public liability

If a member of the public is involved in an accident caused by your company, public liability insurance pays for any legal fees that occur.

Breakdown cover

If your trucks malfunction, this will have a serious effect on your business, which is why fleet truck insurance policies that include breakdown cover are a necessity.

European cover

If all of your vehicles travel across borders, your haulage fleet insurance will need to include this.

Goods in transit (GIT)

As the name suggests, goods in transit insures goods that are being transported from one destination to another.

Personal effects

Compensates your drivers or you if personal belongings become damaged or are stolen.

Any driver policy

This type of cover lowers premiums as when more than one driver is insured, it is less likely for an individual to be behind the wheel for lengthy periods, thus lowering the risk of an accident.

The Benefits of HGV Fleet Insurance

Instead of insuring sole vehicles under separate policies, a fleet policy provides instant cover for all of your vehicles.


Depending on the number of vehicles you own, lorry insurance for multiple vehicles tends to be more cost-effective.

Saves time and hassle-free

Instead of insuring each individual driver or vehicle on a separate policy, fleet cover places all of your eggs in one basket, which means less paperwork!


Arranging HGV insurance with one insurance company (as opposed to several) is an easy and effective way to insure every vehicle in your business.

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Factors That Affect the Cost of HGV Fleet Insurance

Premiums are calculated based on various factors, all of which are bespoke to your company, some of which include:

The amount of HGV’s you own

If you own numerous HGVs, a fleet policy may be more cost-effective than a single policy.

Vehicle make, model and condition

These factors will impact premiums, including the age of your vehicles.

The level of cover you choose

The type and level of insurance you choose will affect premiums. For example, fully comp insurance is always going to be more expensive than third-party.

Your drivers’ level of experience

The age and experience of the drivers employed and whether they have undertaken advanced driving courses plays a major part in calculating costs.

Whether or not you choose any additional extras

Extras such as windscreen, European or Breakdown insurance will all add to your premiums.

Annual mileage

The more miles you cover, the higher your premiums will be as many insurers see this as a greater risk.

Claims history

Those with a no claims bonus will be privy to a lower insurance cost.

How Can You Reduce the Cost of HGV Fleet Insurance?

Key points to consider when it comes to reducing premiums on your truck fleet insurance include:

Increase your voluntary excess

To insurers, a higher excess suggests you will only make a bigger claim, which statistics state is less likely to occur.

Make sure your fleet and premises are secure

Insurance covers are more likely to offer lower premiums to those who lock their cars or premises at night or park off the road.

Hire experienced drivers with clean driving records

If you employ young drivers, this is of particular importance, and you may want to consider additional driver courses to lower premiums.

Build up your no-claims bonus

Drivers with no-claims bonuses are extremely attractive candidates to insurers as they are considered low risk.

Make annual payments

Payments spread over time are often higher than one-off payments, which can offer a discount.

Compare fleet insurance quotes

To ensure you get the best quote for your specific requirements, it is important to use a comparison site.

Install cameras, tracking devices and telematics systems to vehicles

Video cameras and other devices make your vehicles much lower risk.

Why Compare HGV Fleet Insurance with Utility Saving Expert

With so many insurance providers registered in England today, finding a fleet or single policy suited to your bespoke business needs can be overwhelming. This is when using our comparison tool can offer peace of mind as well as save you time.

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Does an HGV fleet insurance policy include driver restrictions?

Certain providers will limit their policies to experienced drivers only, which is why it’s worth reading the terms and conditions.

Do HGV fleet insurance policies offer ‘any driver’ coverage?

This type of policy enables you to insure any driver to your business policy. Alternatively, you can insure specific drivers to set vehicles.

How many heavy goods vehicles will I need to own to qualify for HGV fleet insurance?

This is heavily dependent on who you are arranging the business fleet truck insurance through, as each will have its own policy rules.