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If you’re a business owner or private individual managing multiple vehicles, then taking out a fleet insurance policy is often the best way to get them insured. Many people think that you have to have a large number of cars to qualify for a fleet policy, but mini fleet insurance makes it accessible to everyone.

Today, we’re going to explain exactly what mini fleet insurance is, how it works and what its biggest benefits are. Understanding how a fleet policy compares to other insurance options will hopefully help you to decide what’s right for you.

How does mini fleet insurance work?

Compare cheap motor fleet insurance policies

The different types of mini fleet insurance policies

Just like standard insurance, there are different levels of cover for mini fleet policies. These are: “third-party only”, “third-party, fire and theft,” and “comprehensive”.

Third-party only

This type of policy only covers damage to third parties. This includes damage done to other vehicles and property, as well as any injuries to your passengers and others. Third-party only is the minimum level of cover that you must have legally.

Third-party, fire, and theft

Like third-party only cover third-party, fire and theft policies only cover damage to others and other vehicles. However, your fleet will also be covered in the event that a vehicle is stolen or damaged in a fire.


A comprehensive policy is the highest level of cover that you can get for your mini fleet. It includes everything covered under a third-party, fire and theft policy, but it also protects against damage to your vehicle and to yourself.

With a comprehensive policy, you’ll be able to claim for repairs following an accident, accidental damage and vandalism for all of your fleet vehicles.

What extras can I add to my mini fleet insurance policy?

Depending on the nature of your mini fleet, you might need to add extra protection to your base policy. It’s worth bearing in mind that every provider won’t provide all of these extras, so if you do need one, then it’s important to check that your provider does offer it.

Here are some of the additional protections that you might need to look into:

Can I cover different vehicle types on one policy?

How many vehicles can I insure under a mini fleet insurance policy?

The benefits of mini fleet insurance

We’ve touched on most of these benefits throughout this article, but it’s worth collecting them all in one place. For many people, a small fleet insurance policy can fix a lot of headaches and vastly simplify their insurance arrangements.


Perhaps most importantly, a mini fleet insurance policy is extremely cost-effective. Having lots of insurance premiums for your vehicles can quickly get expensive. Since fleet insurance premiums are worth more to insurers than individual policies, they are happy to cut the insurance costs per vehicle.

A fleet insurance policy is by far the most affordable way to get multiple vehicles covered at once. Adding further vehicles to the cover is also very straightforward and is likely to make the policy even more cost-effective.

Saves you time

Anyone who owns multiple vehicles on standard insurance policies will tell you just how much time it takes to sort everything out. When you have a load of different renewal dates throughout the year, it can be tough to know where you’re up to.

A mini fleet policy completely eliminates these difficulties, allowing you to get your vehicles covered with one renewal date. Over the year, this can save you a ton of time which can be invested in other areas of your business.


Another key benefit is the flexibility that mini fleet cover provides. As your business starts to expand and acquire more vehicles, they can be easily incorporated into your existing policy.

Some providers will also allow you to upgrade to a standard fleet insurance policy when you have a larger number of vehicles.

How to get mini fleet insurance

Compare cheap motor fleet insurance policies

Factors that affect the cost of mini fleet insurance

Just like any other vehicle policy, small fleet policy quotes vary depending on a number of factors. Knowing about these factors will help you understand why the insurer is quoting you that particular price.

Vehicle types

As you might expect, the type of vehicles that you want to insure will have a big impact on the cost of your mini fleet insurance. Vehicles that are more prone to breakdowns or regularly find themselves in less secure situations will be subject to premium charges.

Vehicle ages/conditions

In addition, the age and condition of your vehicles will affect your insurance costs. Old or poorly maintained vehicles are much more likely to require an insurance payout than newer vehicles. Insurers balance this risk by charging more to provide cover.

With that said, if you do have old vehicles to insure, then looking for fleet cover is probably the best way to go. This is especially true if you can bundle them in with newer cars and vans that will bring the overall cost of the policy down.

Amount of usage

Insurers often want to know how often each of your vehicles is used and the mileage they clock up every year. Again, this information is used by policy providers for risk management – the more a vehicle is used, the more likely it is to be in an accident.

Number of vehicles

Of course, the number of vehicles you want to insure is probably going to have the biggest influence on the cost of your policy. The more cars, vans and bikes you want to get covered, the more expensive your insurance is going to be.

On the flip side, the more vehicles you insure under a fleet policy, the less you’ll be paying per vehicle in the long run.

Vehicle storage

If you want to keep insurance costs to a minimum, then storing your vehicles in a secure location is the best thing to do. For businesses, showing that you lock vehicles inside secure premises will reassure the insurer that they’re safe.

If you’re a private vehicle owner looking for family fleet insurance, then storing your cars on a driveway or in a garage, if you can, will get you the best deal.

Your industry

The industry that your business operates in will also influence an insurer’s quote. For industries where your vehicles are at more risk of being damaged, such as construction, insurers will likely charge more for their services.

How to save money on your mini fleet insurance policy

Although a mini fleet policy already offers a cut price on your insurance expenses, there are still ways to bring them down even further.

Ensure that your vehicles are secure

As we mentioned above, keeping your vehicles stored in a secure location will have a big positive effect on your policy quotes. Insurers want to know that your vehicles are unlikely to be damaged, broken into, or stolen at any time.

Limit the number of named drivers

Keeping the number of named drivers on the fleet policy to a minimum can also help you save money. Try to only include members of your team who will definitely be driving the vehicles.

Compare multiple quotes

The best thing you can do to save money on a fleet policy is to compare different quotes. Fully assessing the market before you commit to an insurer will guarantee that you’re getting the best deal around.

You can compare the best mini fleet insurance quotes right here at Utility Saving Expert.

Employ drivers aged 25 and over with a clean driving record

Each of your named drivers will have an impact on the overall cost of the policy. As a result, trying to employ drivers who are over 25 and have clean licenses will help bring the expense down.

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How much does mini fleet insurance cost?

Mini fleet insurance quotes vary depending on a range of factors. For example, the number of vehicles you want to insure, their age and condition, as well as how much you use them will all affect how much you have to pay. In addition, insurers will pay close attention to how your vehicles are being used and the industries that they operate in.

With that said, one thing you can be sure about is that your insurance costs will be much lower with fleet compared to taking out individual vehicle policies.

Is mini fleet insurance cheaper than regular insurance?

In the majority of cases, taking out a mini fleet insurance policy is cheaper than insuring each vehicle individually. Depending on the number of cars and vans you want to insure, your savings could add up to a significant amount.

Fleet insurance is cheaper per vehicle than regular insurance since the overall deal is worth more to insurers. This puts the owner of the vehicles in a strong position to negotiate the best policy deals.

Can you get mini fleet insurance for private use?

Small fleet insurance policies aren’t just for businesses – they can be used to cover multiple private vehicles too. This is a great solution if you own a number of cars and want to find the most affordable way to get them all covered.

Another big advantage of fleet insurance is that you’ll be able to renew the policy of your vehicles simultaneously. This is much more convenient than managing multiple renewal dates throughout the year.

How many vehicles are needed to qualify for mini fleet insurance?

A collection of 2-15 vehicles is typically considered to be a “mini-fleet”. These vehicles can be cars, vans and commercial vehicles. In general, the larger the size of the fleet, the less you’ll pay per vehicle under a small fleet policy.