Have you considered combined motor trade insurance?

If you are looking for your next motor trade insurance policy and you operate from business premises, considering a combined trade policy would probably be beneficial to you and your business. This is because a combined trade policy is specifically designed for anyone working in the motor trade who has their own premises, whether rented or owned and will save you a considerable amount on the cost of your cover.

What exactly is Motor Trade Insurance?

Well even if you’re only going to move a customer’s vehicle 10 yards, you will need some sort of trade car insurance such as road risk insurance, as driving legally on UK roads regardless of the distance requires you have it.

As a motor trader, you will need a policy that covers you for driving business related vehicles such as the example above.

For part time motor traders who run their business from home, a basic motor trade policy is normally sufficient to cover you so long as it focuses on the road risk aspect of the insurance.

When to consider a combined Motor Trade policy

However, if run your business from your own premises it would be worth considering a combined motor trade insurance policy, as these policies generally protect your property and includes things like public liability, accidental damage caused by any customer or visitor to your premises.

It’s therefore an idea for car dealers, mechanics, and just about anyone else who owns a garage, MOT centre or dealership and will have a regular flow of customers and other visitors to their site.

A combined policy often covers your tools and equipment onsite, not forgetting the all-important cover for your vehicles and their content. Trading from business premises can cause additional associated risks and therefore it is important to be sufficiently insured for such risks.

Insurance cover for employees and the public

Combined policies generally also include employer’s liability insurance, which is a legal requirement for any company that is employing someone to work within their business and, protects the business owner if an employee files a claim for injury or damages caused as a result of being on site.

Therefore, instead of having many separate policies covering various aspects of your business it is possible to cover many bases with a comprehensive combined motor trade insurance policy. This also means less hassle when it comes to renewal time and compared to purchasing separate policies, is certainly going to save you and your business a great deal of money.

Added Extras That Make All the Difference

Access to flexible payment methods and competitive premium prices are key considerations when choosing your combined trade policy. In addition to this, shopping around to get many quotes ensures you get the best deal for your business. Once you have several quotes, we recommend that you call each insurer to ensure they understand your individual business needs and the cover matches your expectations. You don’t want any misunderstandings especially should you need to make a claim.

If you’d like to get a number of quotes, by just filling in one short form then why not use Utility Saving Expert’s specialist Motor Trade Insurance quotation tool. It’s free to use and will save you a lot of time and money.