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What is a valeting insurance policies?

Valeting insurance is a type of motor trade insurance.

A valeting insurance policy will allow you to drive your customers’ vehicles, in addition to your own. This type of cover can protect you and your business against accidental damage, loss or theft of equipment, money, stock and tools. Valeting insurance is also referred to as a type of motor trade insurance.

Car valeting is a trade that requires specialist insurance. It’s important to understand what you will require for your valeting business. This will help you carefully decide what type and level of cover you need to purchase.

This is regardless of operating as a mobile valeter or from your own business premises. Ensuring you have the right valeting insurance policy is essential when operating in the motor trade industry.

Why do I need car valeting insurance?

Covering emergency scenarios when car valeting

Imagine a new client of yours drops off his or her brand-new Ferrari 488 for you to valet it. You can imagine this car would be their pride and joy and would have cost them a fortune! Now, it doesn’t really matter how careful you are with your planning and how you undertake your work, accidents unfortunately can, do and will happen.

Consider for a moment what you would do, if you accidently dropped some cleaning products onto the Ferrari’s interior or dropped something that hit the car’s bodywork and left a scratch you could not remove through machine polishing. If something like this happened, you’d be liable for the repairs, but not necessarily due to negligence. Regardless you would be picking up the bill for the repairs.

If you and your business are not sufficiently covered through a valeting insurance policy, this could end up closing your business down due to the sheer cost of correcting any damage that has taken place.

However, if the same situation occurred and you had the correct valeting insurance policy in place, then you would be more concerned with the customer’s reaction and the reputation of your valeting company. More importantly, you would be covered by your valeting insurance policy and the matter would be resolved quickly without you having to incur a very large bill.

If you work in the motor trade, whether that’s as a valeter, mechanic or in sales, it always pays to make sure you are fully covered for any work that you undertake.

This means ensuring that any motor trade insurance policy you have taken out covers you for the type of work your business undertakes.

Failing to make sure you’re covered correctly could end up being a very costly mistake.

Not everyone is going to work with Supercars on a daily basis, but whether you work with Ferraris, Fords or Fiats, you need to make sure you have adequate valeting insurance cover in place.

Always check with your insurer or broker if you aren’t completely sure about the level of motor trade cover you have and/or will require.

If you need to get several motor trade insurance quotes, use our online comparison tool. There is only one simple form to complete. It’s quick and easy to get multiple quotes with Utility Saving Expert.

What you need to consider with choosing valeting insurance

There are various key points to consider before taking out a new car valeting insurance policy.

Public liability within car valeting insurance

To protect yourself against damage to property or accidental injury, it is very important that you have public liability insurance in place. A client may pursue a claim against you if you leave a dent or scratch on their vehicle by accident. This could potentially make you liable for compensation.

Employers’ liability

You will need employers’ liability insurance if you are an employer. This is to protect you in the event of any of your staff members have a work accident, whether they are employed permanently or casually. Care and attention will be required when handling certain chemicals. An employee may suffer from a skin condition or a burn if they accidentally spill a dangerous chemical.

Road risk

Road risk insurance covers you and allows you to legally drive a third-party vehicle for the nature of your business, including a client’s vehicle.

Building and contents cover for car valeters

Car valeting requires specialist tools and products that you may also wish to cover.

If you have your own business premises as opposed to working remotely, it is a good idea that you look to get buildings and contents insurance for your car valeting business. If your specialist tools and equipment are stolen, damaged or destroyed in a fire, business interruption insurance can cover any loss of income including fixed costs whilst you are not operational and unable to trade.

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What to look for when comparing valeting insurance

Damage to vehicles for work carried out

  • Public Liability
  • Employers’ liability
  • Buildings – office or work premises
  • Contents – Specialist equipment and tools
  • Stock and money held
  • Business interruption cover
  • Multiple drivers
  • Flexibility with customer vehicle indemnity limitations
  • Goods in transit
  • Sales and service indemnity
  • Drivers with claims and convictions

We hope you found our guide to valeting insurance useful. Use our motor trade insurance comparison tool to get a no obligation quote within minutes.

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