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Low cost car dealer insurance policies

Car dealerships need insurance policies in place to protect against the possibility of an accident or incident resulting in financial losses. Insurance gives dealerships sufficient support to handle risks ranging from fire, flood and damage, to theft, vandalism and liability claims.

Car dealer cover is a specific type of motor trade insurance for anyone who owns or runs a new car showroom, second-hand car dealership or a similar vehicle sales business.

These can range from large dealerships that employ many staff members and have a substantial amount of stock including high-priced vehicles, to part-time traders, self-employed solo car dealers or hobbyists who spend their spare time fixing up and selling used cars.

Every car dealer needs insurance cover, but the amount you take out will depend on how large, complex, and high-risk your business is and reflect your business activities and appetite for risk.

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How to reduce the costs of motor dealer insurance

Your top priority should be to make sure the insurance you take out will cover your business adequately for the risks it faces. However, as with any business, you also need to consider the financial implications carefully.

Ask yourself, what insurance coverage does your business require? On the other hand, what constitutes unnecessary spending? What risks would you be willing to take? What compensation could your business afford to pay if you didn’t have insurance cover for it? In contrast, what sort of figure would you be willing to put down for extra peace of mind?

These are all important considerations and the conclusions will apply uniquely to your circumstances. However, there are also some general ways to encourage cheaper rates on your insurance quotes.

You can lower the cost of insurance by:

  • Choosing a higher voluntary excess. This is the lump sum you pay if you make a claim. By offering to pay more if you claimed, you are usually rewarded by your insurance firm with cheaper insurance rates overall.
  • Opting for annual payments will usually provide the best deals, compared with taking out monthly payment plans. If you choose your plan with a single payment each year, you remove administrative tasks for your insurer and they will charge you a lesser fee overall.
  • Selecting named drivers carefully is another way to keep your insurance premiums down. Almost all insurers will charge more for younger drivers, who are less experienced behind the wheel and statistically more risky. By only including named drivers over 25 and with enough driving experience to demonstrate they pose less risk, your insurance provider will probably offer you cheaper rates. This is because, from the insurance provider’s perspective, the likelihood of your named drivers claiming on insurance is lower. The same goes for choosing named drivers with clean licenses and no claims, rather than drivers who have been in many accidents or made lots of claims in the past.
  • Installing security measures at your business premises and ensuring your stock is safe will also contribute to cheaper insurance rates. By adding security measures such as CCTV, gates, locks and alarms, you deter criminal activity. Not only does this mean your chances of theft or vandalism are reduced, but your insurance provider will reward your safety measures by offering cheaper deals.
  • Providing an accurate valuation of your stock, premises, tools and equipment can also keep your insurance costs down, to ensure you don’t overestimate and overpay, or underestimate and risk invalidating your policy and paying more in the long-term.

The best way to reduce the cost of your car dealership insurance is to compare deals before you choose a new policy.

Use Utility Saving Expert to find the most competitive rates from trusted insurance firms and select the dealer policy that provides the best value for money.

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