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Low cost car repair insurance policies

Most standard car insurance that legally covers you to drive your vehicle on the roads doesn’t cover you for repairs due to wear and tear over time. Therefore, for many drivers, car repair insurance is considered an essential addition to their car insurance policy because it protects their investment in their vehicle.

Insurance for car repairs covers you if something happens with your car that requires replacing or fixing. Sometimes referred to as extended warranty coverage, car repair insurance is like a warranty that lasts for a longer time period. Adding car repair insurance provides fuller coverage than basic car insurance alone.

What car repair insurance covers

Benefits of motor trade car repair cover

In theory, taking out insurance for car repairs can extend the life of your vehicle because it can start a cycle of taking better care of your car. This is because drivers are generally more likely to take their vehicles to mechanics if they have the correct insurance in place.

Minor issues are fixed quickly and not left to develop into more substantial problems and you’ll maintain your car to a higher standard if you take it for regular visits to the garage. By having parts repaired or replaced without delaying, you’ll keep your car in good condition and it will usually keep running for longer.

In addition to the regular maintenance of your vehicle and the flexibility of car repair cover, there are some other reasons why it’s beneficial for many drivers:

  • Cost of mechanics’ services: With your insurance company picking up the tab, there is less risk of mechanics charging more for their services than they should. If charges are excessive, your insurance firm will flag this.
  • Extension of vehicle warranty: This type of insurance provides peace of mind that you have protected the investment made in your vehicle purchase because your car repair insurance acts like a lasting warranty.
  • Budgeting for the future: Taking out auto-repair insurance costs money, but what you will usually get your investment back later when your policy helps you manage unexpected costs by covering the price of vehicle repairs.

Common car repair insurance exclusions

Compare cheap motor traders insurance quotes

How to find cheaper car repair insurance with Utility Saving Expert

Most insurance companies will quote you more or less depending on the specifics of your car. They’ll take into account things like:

  • Age: Older vehicles will generally have more expensive car repair insurance premiums. If your car is more than five years old, this could get quite steep. Taking out car repair cover for cars that are less than five years old will get you the best deals.
  • Mileage: Insurance providers will usually offer cheaper deals for cars that are driven less and have done fewer miles. If your mileage is high and you are on the road a lot, you’ll generally pay more for insurance. Keeping your mileage down is a good way of keeping premiums lower.
  • Condition: If your car is already in a poor condition and has not been well-maintained, this will have a negative impact on your insurance quotes. The best thing you can do is service your car regularly and fix any issues quickly. Once your car repair insurance is in place, much of this will be covered by your policy in the future.

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